The He-Man is no hipster wuss. He’s known for kicking ass and taking names.

Light juniper beer has a pungent, strong hoppy flavor.

Alc.5,0 vol. ; IBU 40. Serving temperature 10-13 °C

Suits with wild steak.


The Burning Sphere shows itself on dim August nights in the village of Rässa, its fiery streak vanishing without a trace. The sphere’s mysteriousness lives on in this red brew’s light smoky taste. 

Light red ale with smoky taste.

Alc.4,6 vol. ; IBU 28. Serving temperature 10-13 °C

Suits with smoked meat

punane ale õlu


Granny (Nänn) is the stoutest member of the family. She’s seen it all, and her wisdom is as bitter as it is deep.

Light dark stout with a bit of a chocolate aftertaste.

Alc.5,8 vol. ; IBU 43. Serving temperature 10-13 °C

Suits with chocolate truffle.


A Baltic “ice herring” is something akin to a starling – it heralds spring and lifts the spirits. “Son of a gun, that’n hits the spot,” the weathered fisherman murmured as he wolfed down one after another. Just like a proper
lip-smacking ice herring, the long-awaited Märzen will make your mouth water.

rzen beer with rich and clear taste.

Alc.5,4 vol. ; IBU 16. Serving temperature 7-10 °C

Suits with fried Baltic herring.


Out in the boonies, püerpäits means crazy. And Muhu sure has its share of wackos. One tried to kill a hare by tossing an anchor over a stone fence. Back in the USSR, another asked a country teen whether she’d ever seen a naked Nubian. Püerpäits is a hoppy, bitter, fiery IPA – a crazy combo of American Ecanote and Mosaic hops with rye.

Tasty rye IPA

Alc.5,6 vol. ; IBU 65. Serving temperature 10-13 °C

Suits with spicy food.


She has cherry-red lips and refi ned taste.Inside she’s golden yellow, light but not without character, and has a delicate and fruity aroma. Tüdrik isn’t a lady shackled by convention,but rather a free-spirited

Fruitbeer with cherry.

Alc.5,2 vol. ; IBU 17. Serving temperature 10-13 °C


Ülemoalane is Muhu dialect for “mainlander” – any mainlander. Several years ago the men of Rässa village discovered civilization on the other side of Lihula and decided to enrich their lives with a new taste. Enjoy the citrus cascade of this light, crisp American-style pale ale

American Pale Ale

Alc.4,6 vol. ; IBU 30. Serving temperature 10-13 °C

Suits with juniper bread and goat cheese.


Vöörmünder, or the Parish Warden, is suitable for many occasions. Its silky softness will help restore peace when your chickens have thinned the neighbor’s garden or your cows have eaten his lilacs. This Brown Dunkelweizen  gentle caramel sweetness and vanilla notes will help you through many difficult situations.

Dunkelweizen with caramell sweeteness and vanilla notes.

Alc.4,7 vol. ; IBU 24. Serving temperature 7-10 °C

Suits with barbecue sausages.